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fosm is a free map of the planet which anyone can use and contribute to. It is a fork of OpenStreetMap licensed under the Creative Commons attribution and share-alike license CC BY-SA 2.0. fosm continues to be available for use under that license. When using the map, we suggest the wording "© and OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA 2.0" as attribution.

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Feel free to add any useful content to this wiki or you can use :

Where can I see the map?[]

Fosm Map Renderings page lists some rendered maps. Enjoy.

Contributing to the map[]

You can use JOSM or Mercaartor to edit fosm.

JOSM is standalone editor capable of importing GPX tracks, with ability do get map data from FOSM or OSM api, and upload changes later.

See for installation instructions, and see  Using JOSM to edit the fosm database for setup.


List of applicable source licences [1]


Details of imported data Imports

Technical information[]

fosm API server original server on Bytemark created by 80n

Fosm api server 2018 as at 22 June 2018

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