Adding all NearMap PhotoMaps of an area to JOSMEdit

A given area will most likely have several PhotoMaps over a period of time. Sometimes it can be handy to view older PhotoMaps in JOSM. Recent versions of JOSM allow imagery sources to fetched from a remote location periodically. If you wish to use such a feature you can,

  1. Open up the JOSM preferences
  2. Unsure "Expert mode" is ticked
  3. Go to the "Advanced Preferences" tab
  4. Locate imagery.layers.sites
  5. Add to the list. You will need to update the lat and lon with the lat and lon of the area you will be viewing in JOSM (because Sydney imagery will have different dates to Perth, for example)
  6. Okay that, restart JOSM
  7. In preferences under the "Imagery Preferences" tab, you should see a bunch of new NearMap entries. Select these and "Activate" them.
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