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Tagging recommendations for UK heritage data.


Location or area of a historic military engagement.

  • historic=battlefield
  • english_heritage:id=<identifier id used by english heritage>
  • name=<name of battle> (optional)
  • date=<date of battle> (optional)

See also [1]

Listed Buildings[]

Legally protected buildings under UK law

  • building=<yes or one of the building values>
  • listed_building=<designated type of I, II* or II>
  • listed_building:ref=<identifier id used by english heritage>
  • name=<name of building> (optional)

Other tags that can be used include tourism=attraction, etc.

Parks and Gardens[]

An area listed in "Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England" [2]

  • historic_garden=<designated type of I, II* or II>
  • historic_garden:id=<identifier id used by english heritage>
  • name=<name of garden> (optional)

Historic sites may be tagged with leisure=garden, place=locality, tourism=attraction, leisure=park depending on land use.

Protected Wreck Sites[]


Scheduled Monuments[]

A scheduled ancient monument protected under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 [3].

  • scheduled_monument=yes
  • scheduled_monument:id=<identifier id used by english heritage>

This may be combined with associated tags such historic=archaeological_site, historic=ruins, historic=castle, tourism=attraction, etc.

World Heritage Sites[]


Source Tag[]

Data that was derived from English Heritage datasets [4] should be attributed as:


Roman Roads[]

Some roman roads are shown on OS Streetview, 7th series and NPE. They are distinctive in being very straight.



Historic parkland with current mixed usage:

  • historic_garden=II*
  • historic_garden:id=1001174
  • name=Orchards
  • source=english_heritage_opendata
  • place=locality

Historic archaeological site:

  • name=Medieval moated site of Guildford Park Manor, Manor Farm
  • scheduled_monument=yes
  • scheduled_monument:id=1012785
  • english_heritage_opendata=english_heritage_opendata
  • historic=archaeological_site

See Also[]

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